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Jul 24, - This poll is about your experiences with spanking the children you babysit. I babysat two boys who (with the parents permission) I use to spank. Every time a sat, I would have to spank (bare bottom) the older boy. He wouldn't stay in bed until I did. I want to know how common this sort of thing is. How old. Rollin Hand's Blog - Eric's Babysitter, an F/M spanking tale - April 11, Darling. Age: 28. I have passion for travel and happy to meet gentlemen in the city of your choice. That's not a good position to put her in either. Apr 29, - Thank you guys for all the advice you've given me so far! A few people have already given me advice on this, so thank you for that! First off, I need a babysitter soon (1 day), and am wondering about her spanking my 2 girls. (If you don't already know, I have 2 7 year old girls, name Kate and Brooke!) Should. Angelik. Age: 25. Hi gentlemen, my name is Riley Invalid URL Sep 14, - I have had a hard time trying to find a babysitter, and rely on her all the time. A situation arose last week where the babysitter said my children will not listen to her. The babysitter is not a relative but a good friends daughter. I spank my children and told her it would be alright for her to spank my children at her. Most of the time, babysitters need to follow a parent's rules. Rules help kids learn, and it's less confusing for children when rules stay the same no matter who is taking care of them. But spanking isn't a rule, it's a personal value. When it comes to spanking, it's OK to say no. In fact, it's never a good idea for a babysitter to.

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Terry. Age: 23. I am a sexually active the reason why you should choose me it because im fun young i like to travel,im romantic like try toys explore something new that i havent tried i can suck ur dick till you cum The 10 yo helped out as much as she could but I didn't want her to be the babysitter since she was a kid. The kids didn't go to sleep until a.m. after all the crying. When I brought them back I told the mother everything what happened and she spanked them. DH (dear husband) spanks them all the timeĀ  WWYD- Babysitters and spanking. Date Posted: 11/26/14 Wed Author: johnny. Subject: Re: Babysitters that spank. In reply to: Julie 's message, "Babysitters that spank" on 11/25/14 Tue >I would like to chat with any sitters that spank both >the front and the back, or any that had sitters that >did this. This happened at times, I think it was. Jun 27, - She then told me about an incident that happened that day with her youngest (2 or 3?). The youngest told the eldest to "shut up", babysitter warned her not to say that again. Well, she said it again and babysitter spanked her for it. Obviously I'm against it, I don't want my child spanked and I don't know how to.


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