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Sep 6, - Welcome to the Virtual Hypnosis Institute! My name is AVA, I am your Virtual Hypnosis Assistant. On this channel we intend to provide a variety of quality hypnosis sessions, ranging from relaxation sessions to erotic hypnosis, from femdom training to pleasure hypnosis and hands free orgasms (HFO), for. Hypnotic HFO - erotic hypnosis for a hands-free orgasm - Eraudica Danny. Age: 30. I am a slim and stunning (so I am told - but you can read my independent reviews on UK punternet or UKpunting) 29 year old who works in London and am touring SG Mastering orgasm control via erotic hypnosis could potentially help partners feel mutually fulfilled and satisfied, and even climax in unison. I was sucked into the spiral. Jan 30, - "STRONG" QUICK HANDS FREE ORGASM (Male Version) | Erotic Hands Free Orgasm by "Meditation, Brain Waves & Healing". We "Meditation, Brain Waves & Healing" in this session have used frequency that stimulates sexual energy and supports erotic communication. Contains Venus Goddess of Love. Chase. Age: 26. Hello gentlemen, my name is Aliona Secrets Of A Hands-Free Orgasm How am I supposed to achieve hands free orgasm while watching porn?I've read about kegels a lot and do them but it's still not petanqueheerlen.info there Ejaculating with a hands free orgasm audio: sex. Mar 20, - But the one that caught my attention was obviously, "Hands Free Orgasm," a little slice of YouTube glory that promises genital eruption without physical stimulus. Obviously, I had For the first, oh, 14 minutes of the minute video, a soothing male voice told me to "just breathe so deeply" and to "just relax.".

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Catarina. Age: 21. Hi, i am a travelling companion available worldwide :) A hands-free orgasm (let's call it HFO from now on) has proven to be quite a game-changer for both men and women—or at least, it tickled the fancy of many a kinksters out there. This is because we all know that sex is tactile and highly physical. However, HFO banks on the premise that sex also has a psychological element. Jan 11, - Orgasms can be mysterious, mind-blowing, lengthy, elusive or — as we just learned — hands-free. One man attended a "how to have a genderless orgasm" workshop in lieu of his art history class. The workshop was led by Barbara Carrellas, author of Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century. Oct 2, - Sometimes it takes practice - every guy is different:D. Scarrathon on I have tried a lot of these hfo's. Isabella Valentine was my favourite before this one, cause this recording actually made me have an orgasm (even though i didn't ejaculate, it felt really great). Your voice is really hot.


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