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When we are foreplaying, my boyfriend 'fingers' me but then we are so into it that his whole hand is inside me. then he goes to fastgetting it in and out and sometimes I worry if this could damage me somehow. Will I be able to have kids even if he has gotten too far?:S Please help. Did you find this post. Keep your hands out of my vagina | BabyCenter Blog Candace. Age: 25. Fun & friendly with an outgoing personality, i can easily socialise in all kinds of company. Far the most painful part of childbirth for me. It's working with how far an organ of rock-hard, unforgiving muscle will let you go. People are generally comfortable with the idea of fingering with more than one finger, but not as many have been exposed to the idea of inserting a whole hand into the vagina, known as “vaginal fisting.” As you've already discovered, it can be EXTREMELY pleasurable. Trust and communication between partners is. Malena. Age: 22. also travelling to Frankfurt from time to time! Keep your hands out of my vagina Apr 13, - Actual IRL fisting, however, is not as simple as throwing a fist up someone's vagina (or butt), because you pretty much can't do that unless you have an ocean of lube Shakti says only half of her partners have been able to receive a full fist because their anatomy just couldn't accommodate an entire hand. Apr 21, - When you think of an entire hand going into your vagina, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. While fisting seems like an extreme sex act, it's really not as hard or as painful as you may think. Here's a detailed look at how to fist for her ultimate pleasure!

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Cinzia. Age: 30. 100% Beauty Sep 11, - When it comes to pushing the turn the big spotlight onto your vagina and everyone sits there and stares at it wait to see the baby hence making your vagina a stage. Being that pushing can take hours, a lot of times doctors will sit there with their fingers/hand in your vagina the whole time. Every one keeps. Fisting is the erotic act of penetrating the vagina (or anus, but that is the subject of another article entirely!) with the entire hand. Fisting is a form of large penetration that can feel highly arousing to many women. Inside the vagina, there aren't a whole lot of nerve endings that detect subtle sensations, but there are a lot of. If you're talking about a "play' exam, of course. I have inserted my entire hand when the occasion warranted, and the patient was OK with it. In fact I did it last time (almost! she was small, but had two kids). More than two fingers always requires gentleness and skill and a lot of "external massage ".


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