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Jul 31, - Papyrophilia, also called Gayetty fetish (known to be the inventor of toilet paper) or toilet paper fetish, is when a person derives sexual pleasure from the wiping of the genitals with toilet paper. Gayettys, as they are often referred to, may have different preferences for textures of paper, which they enjoy. LIFE IS GOOD: TOILET PAPER FETISH Alby. Age: 19. If you would like to me me,please contact me by email! But she does that several times a day and soon has a bulging bag in which she can't find anything - keys, purse, glasses - for all the paper that is in the way. Supposedly the police were called in to investigate. I do believe this person has either a toilet paper fetish or simply wants to have plenty in the event of the zombie apocalypse. How random is this? Too funny LOL ~Me #LOL #funny. Kate. Age: 25. Line id estsi2557 Talking Point May 14, - If you're 12, sure. "Normal" and "fetish" do not belong in the same sentence together. Dec 11, - Talk about a potty mouth. A UK mother of five has opened up about her bizarre food fetish — eating a roll of toilet paper every day. Jade Sylvester, from.

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Dayna. Age: 22. Hi I'm dimpes very thick my body will make you go crazy one touch I will have you in love with me I love how classy gentleman Aug 28, - I must confess, I get antsy when there are only six roles of toilet paper left in the house. I feel more relaxed when there is a good storage supply of toilet paper in the house and I know if there is a storm or a catastrophe and we could be housebound, we are prepared! I am not the only person who has this. My Toilet Paper Fetish - Kindle edition by Nikki Kendrick. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading My Toilet Paper Fetish. Mar 12, - Tissue paper had been laid on the exposed brickwork to provide a comfortable head rest for what seemed to be a lengthy session of being pissed on. By men. In secret. In a toilet belonging to pretty much the biggest pub chain in Britain. Oh, and did I mention the snorkel? It does sound like an urban legend.


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