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Mar 31, - “When a female uses her right foot and constantly presses it down on the gas pedal. She can do it barefoot, hosiery, stilettos, sneakers, socks, sandals, pumps, high heels, boots or any possible footwear may be appealing to one who enjoys this fetish. The female doing the pedal pumping must tap into her. Sex drives: A beginner’s guide to car cranking and pedal pumping fetishes | drmarkgriffiths Cherokee. Age: 29. hello! Life is about capturing simple pleasures, excitements and experiences, trying and sharing good food, good drink, good company and from time to time some mischievous fun. My desire is to make spending time with me worth every minute away from the hassles and tensions of your everyday life. I am very sociable as well as discreet, and dress in a conservative manner most of the time unless otherwise requested. I welcome short encounters but i really enjoy multiple hour rendezvous' where we can take the time to get to know each other, an evening or a vacation together. A wave of excitement came over me. I weighed the pros and cons and continuing to hide parts of myself would lead to a life of misery. Feb 7, - See my cute little feet slamming on the gas pedal, revving my engine, speeding as fast as I can! Angelica. Age: 20. Short and sexy The Red State Sex Fetish Feb 7, - From the archives! Since , interestingly, "pedal-pumping" fetishes have been on the rise. Perhaps a result of this groundbreaking snowboard video. we. Mar 15, - Fetish: Pedal Pushing. When did you first realize that seeing a woman's foot on a car pedal turned you on? When I was a kid. I remember my mom driving barefoot sometimes. When I was in the backseat, I would lean in to get a better view of her feet. What about it turned you on? There's something about.

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Ilaria. Age: 18. hi, my name is katrin. I m avaliable in prague and europe for some discreet pleasure with some polite, funny and friendly gentleman over 35 years. A car cranking fetish is a sexual fetish involving an interest in people trying to start ("cranking") cars. It is more prevalent in men, and hence most of the cranking fetish material available involves women cranking cars. Older cars are usually used. This fetish is often related to pedal pumping, a type of foot fetishism. What the hell? I never heard of people whacking off to people starting their cars. I guess YouTube is a gold mine for the poor people afflicted with this weird fetish. Has anyone heard of this? petanqueheerlen.info?search_query=pedal+pump · petanqueheerlen.info "really?" I was kinda confused. She got behind the wheel and floored the pedal hard the car shaking the engine breaking up at the high RPM's. She let off the gas the engine idling smoothly "see fixed" -She put the gas pedal to the floor and started up the car and revved the piss out of it until in was "warmed  Why do men like this? - Page 3.


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