Pine sol paint stripper

Okay, so felt-tip pen isn't doing what I want, unless the effect I'm striving for is "dude, what preschooler detailed your car?" Might need to strip it all away and start over. But is Pine-Sol too strong? Is it going to corrode the plastic under my paint? Something better, hopefully still cheap, for removing paints? thx."Battle of the Strippers -- Simple Green vs. Pine Sol. Has anyone tried Pine Sol to remove paint? - Car Forums and Automotive Chat Elicia. Age: 30. Looking for Young Fresh Escort Girls? It will remove new paint and primer week old or so but doesn't remove all paint from older minis. It usually comes in a quart-sized can. I want to strip my ill-painted first Orks, since they don't really fit into my paint scheme. I can't get simple green or other regular paint strippers locally, and I always have bad luck ordering stuff online (it never gets here the date I want it to!), so I was wondering if Pine-sol was good for plastic and metal minis. Havana. Age: 29. Privat Time, Great evening, sensual massages in Paris! Stripping Paint Off Resin This video helps show how to remove paint from miniatures. May 27, - Pine-Sol will be effective against *any* paint put on the mini, whether it is enamel or water based. But the best thing is that Pine-Sol will not harm . A lot of miniature painters seem to experiment with the 'best' method of stripping minis, and it can lead to lively debate. I've heard of people using many things:  Removing paint from figures | Zombicide.

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Allie. Age: 18. 100% real and recent pix!! One day my son had a "accident" at the sitters and she threw his almost new Power Ranger figures into Pine Sol. The damned Pine Sol ruined the figures by stripping off the paint. Pored the Pine Sol into a container and put the body into it. Left it for 15 minutes and took it out. Scraped the paint and it came. Yes, Pine-Sol is a good stripper. One of the advantages to this stuff is that it's reusable - after you've removed the paint from one model, you can strain the paint out of the liquid and strip another model. But here's a caution: don't be lax about personal protection when you're using Pine-Sol, just because it's a. Mar 4, - So when you use the Pine-sol stripping technique be sure to have a large container that will fit your horse and if you cant stand the smell make sure it has a I like to check the horse every day and every day I scrub some of the falling paint off the horse with a toothbrush and then place it back so it can keep.


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